Lorrie and her foster dog Moxie

Gretchen and her foster
Pit Bull puppy Trooper

Little Man keeps a lookout from his perch above Dan

Juli shows off an adoptable BullsEye dog at one of the many events of the year

Wayne and Ivan, his former BullsEye foster dog and now permanent Seward family member


About Us

BullsEye Dog Rescue is a registered charity in Washington state and a Federal non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our board members have over 30 combined experience with the Pit Bull "breed" and animal rescue.

Our core value is to provide education about the amazing Pit Bull "breed" to the public, current Pit Bull owners, other rescue organizations and shelters throughout the Puget Sound region. BullsEye is not a shelter. Instead, we are a network of foster homes and volunteers working with pit bull friendly, Puget Sound region shelters to give a handful of Pit Bulls a second chance.

BullsEye Dog Rescue's Board of Directors consists of a group of very dedicated and talented animal rescue and education individuals.

Board of Directors

President and Co-Founder
Lorrie Kalmbach-Ehlers

Lorrie’s life was forever changed in 1989 when she rescued her first pit bull Roxanne. Pulled from the streets where she was abandoned by her previous owner, Roxanne was with Lorrie until the age of 17, but had Lorrie convinced in the first few months that she never again own another breed.  From this love grew her foster parent efforts, which to date have totaled over 200 animals.  Currently Lorrie has two pit bull mixes, two pit bulls in addition to the numerous foster dogs that come and go.  They peacefully reside with two cats, two goats, one 50 year old tortoise, and four horses, a flock of chickens, one boy that loves them dearly, not to mention her very patient husband.    

Lorrie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Washington and has conducted research for the Department of Defense and co-produced a publication that appeared in Northwest Naturalist.  In addition, she has been employed by many nonprofit organizations including Kitsap Humane Society where she has shared her animal talents as adoption counselor, foster parent and volunteer and Salish Sea Expeditions as Director of Outreach and Operations.   She currently serves as Executive Director of Northwest Spay & Neuter Center, an organization dedicated to providing the community with affordable, high quality, high volume spay/neuter services.

Gretchen Andersen

In 2003 Gretchen and her partner, Jennifer, moved out of apartment life into their first house with the idea of bringing a dog into their lives. Gretchen was thinking small dog (Chihuahua). Jennifer was thinking BIG dog (Great Dane). They compromised and decided a medium dog was perfect! After doing a lot of research on breeds, they decided it was time to meet some Pit Bulls! They went on a meet-n-greet at Lorrie’s home and fell head over heels for two dogs, Kaiser and Dakota. How could they decide? How about adopting both?! Welcome to the fabulous world of pit bulls!

Before Dakota was one year old he passed away due to complications from a surgery. After this devastating experience, Gretchen immersed herself in the world of pit bull rescue and soon found she had a passion for this breed like no other.  When Lorrie and Maggie started up BullsEye Dog Rescue Gretchen soon joined them and has since become the Board Secretary.

Gretchen and Jennifer have two pit bulls, a Shih Tzu, and a Pekignese(she got her small dog!).  All have been rescued. This pack usually includes at least one foster dog (usually two and sometimes three) at all times. Gretchen can never get enough pit bull lovin’!

Juli Goodrich

Juli claims love at first sight when she met the pit bull breed eight years ago.  She has lived all her life with adopted shelter dogs so it’s no surprise she heeded the call for help when BullsEye first started advertising for foster homes. Juli and her husband Charlie were BullsEye’s first foster home! All their foster dogs have to past muster with the crazy black cat and Lita and Layla, the adopted Pit Bull girl duo, and Andre a BullsEye Alumni dog.

After many years of dedicated volunteerism, Juli became our Volunteer Coordinator and then Board member.  She uses her many years in the customer service field, and her positive Pit Bull attitude, to help make all of the newbie BullsEye people feel right at home.

Board Members

Advisory Board

Dan Stegman

A cat guy among dog people, Dan Stegman is a Certified Public Accountant and partner in an accounting firm, that gives his free time to BullsEye to keep our finances in order. Having seen the transformation of his friend Becky through her involvement in BullsEye, he answered the opening of Treasurer without a hesitation. BullsEye appreciates Dan's "cat guy" perspective and his pragmatic approach to money management. Not to mention he's a good cook and feeds us well at our board meetings!

Wayne Seward

Wayne always had infinity for animals but centered his interests around snakes at a young age, filling his house with rattlers much to his mothers dislike.  He entered the world of dogs in 1989 when he acquired his first Rottweiler named Rex.  Wayne was soon hooked on this working breed and joined Team Rottweiler in 2002 after adopting his beloved Julie. 

Wayne served as a professional photographer for the United States Air Force.  He then moved to Alaska, where he became a bush pilot by summer and computer geek by winter.  This winter trade became his life’s career, and he has worked for Boeing, and now Alaska Airlines as a Senior Web Systems Specialist.

Wayne became a pit bull lover and owner by default when he decided to experience other breeds by fostering a pit bull - a pit bull that was blind no less!  Crazy Ivan, as he became affectionately called, worked his way into this Rottweiler household and is now there to stay as a permanent member.  Ivan believed it was his lot in life to bring excitement to their lives! Sadly, Wayne lost Ivan to complications from Epilepsies but he still has a soft spot for Pit Bulls.

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